Advisory Network for Small Business

PIDC partner Advisory Network for Small Business (ANSB) is a volunteer nonprofit organization that helps new and experienced businesses grow and thrive. ANSB provides a dedicated advisory team including experienced owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives with proven expertise in critical business disciplines—human resources, marketing, finance, strategic planning, and operations—who will partner with business owners to

Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce

PIDC partner and business organization Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce (GNPCC) is dedicated to the success of professionals, business members, and the free enterprise system. GNPCC works toward representing the Greater Northeast Philadelphia business community with a single voice that strengthens the engagement among all industries to achieve a common goal – to serve the region

Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia

The Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBN) is a PIDC partner on a mission to build a just, green, and thriving economy in the Greater Philadelphia region.  SBN accomplishes its mission by supporting a broad base of local, independent businesses and educating policymakers and the public about sustainability.  Since its founding in 2001, SBN

Independence Business Alliance

PIDC partner, Independence Business Alliance (IBA), provides opportunities, access, and resources to LGBTQ+ professionals and allies in the Greater Philadelphia area. Founded in 2007 and known as the region’s LGBTQ+ chamber, the mission of the Independence Business Alliance is to promote Greater Philadelphia’s LGBTQ+ business and leadership communities to enhance financial opportunities, foster diversity, develop

Asian American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia

The motto of PIDC partner, Asian American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia (AACCGP) is “making connections that matter.” AACCGP is dedicated to doing just that through its mission of promoting and fostering relationships between Asian American and non-Asian communities; providing technical assistance and educational services for the start-up and growth of Asian American businesses;

African-American Chamber of Commerce of PA, NJ, & DE

[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=” av-medium-font-size=” av-small-font-size=” av-mini-font-size=” custom_class=” admin_preview_bg=”] Formed in 1993, the African-American Chamber of Commerce of PA, NJ, and DE (AACC) is a membership organization that serves businesses in the public, private, and independent sector that are committed to supporting the economic empowerment and growth of African American businesses located in Southeastern Pennsylvania,