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With a robust diverse selection of land, properties, and financing tools, PIDC provides a full range of resources to support impactful real estate development projects in Philadelphia. PIDC’s real estate activities catalyze development of projects that create quality jobs, advance equity and promote sustainability.


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If you are a growing industrial company or real estate developer interested in unimproved, developable sites to expand your business or deploy your investment, PIDC manages an inventory of industrially zoned land located throughout Philadelphia.

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PIDC markets certain properties owned by the City of Philadelphia and other public agencies for sale and development.  These properties are candidates for reuse and cover a range of zoning classifications.

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The Navy Yard is a 1,200-acre, dynamic urban development, offering the Philadelphia region a unique and centrally-located waterfront business campus committed to smart energy innovation and sustainability.

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PIDC’s real estate activity often involves managing a public developer solicitation process.

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Real Estate Initiatives

April 20, 2023

Earth Day Spotlight: PIDC Projects Contributing to Sustainability

This year’s theme for the environmental movement, Earth Day, is “Invest in Our Planet.” PIDC has been doing just that by investing in sustainable projects that are working to protect the environment in many ways. PIDC invests in both sustainable and equitable projects by supporting job growth, economic growth, and preservation of natural resources. PIDC’s sustainable

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December 22, 2022

Three Firms Shortlisted Biotech Campus

The Lower Schuylkill Biotech Campus is where Philadelphia’s ecosystem of discovery will grow into life altering outcomes for all and on June 14, 2022, PIDC issued an RFQ looking for the right partner for this unprecedented cell and gene therapy development opportunity.  The developer selection process is designed to identify a partner to help us

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September 26, 2022

Update on the Philadelphia Industrial Market & Land Use Strategy Study & Report

PIDC is gathering a diverse group of individuals to provide feedback for the Philadelphia Industrial Market & Land Use Strategy Study & Report, which consists of comprehensive insight on the current conditions and anticipated future trends of Philadelphia’s industrial environment. PIDC, in partnership with the Philadelphia City Planning Commission and the Philadelphia Department of Commerce,

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