Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

PIDC believes that growing a global economy through inclusive economic development is critical to achieving a high quality of life for all who live and work in Philadelphia. Generating more equitable resources, investments, and quality jobs will address many of the long-term social, environmental, and economic challenges that residents of Philadelphia face. We will drive transformative growth for Philadelphians with a human-centered approach by directing our financial and real estate services, knowledge, and networks toward creating a vibrant and sustainable Philadelphia.


With a strong foundation and 60+ year track record, PIDC identified the need to build upon the organization’s recent strategic planning and execution efforts and develop a Theory of Change. 

A theory of change is a critical foundation that informs strategic growth, determines resource allocation, and helps internal teams, partners, and key stakeholders understand the path forward. Our Theory of Change guides PIDC’s mission of driving growth to every corner of Philadelphia with specific strategies and actions. 

To develop this Theory of Change, we started with three intersecting lenses of racial equity, future of work, and resilience and sustainability.  In this context, lenses are principles that inform the world view or perspective of an organization. These lenses highlight the complexity of Philadelphia’s and PIDC’s challenges and opportunities, the need for multi-disciplinary approaches to economic development, and to promote systemic change.

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The Theory of Change builds the basis for PIDC’s new strategic framework. The PIDC Strategic Framework is intended to serve as a roadmap for PIDC to achieve its mission and strive toward a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable Philadelphia where all residents benefit from economic development and a growing global economy. The Framework provides PIDC with an organization-wide strategy throughout all departments and activities. It is specific to PIDC’s unique capabilities and opportunities to deliver on its mission over the next three years, 2023 – 2026. The Framework also serves as a guide for PIDC’s annual business planning, which is the tactical element of how teams and individuals will work to achieve these broader objectives each year.

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