2022 Annual Review

Through 2022, PIDC continued to focus on six strategic priorities set forth in early 2021 to guide our strategic business planning, resource prioritization, and decision-making as Philadelphia continued to rebound from the pandemic. Those six priorities focused on a commitment to help lead Philadelphia’s economic recovery and deploy PIDC’s resources across all that we do.

EPA Cleanup Grant FY24 Draft

Draft application to the EPA to request FY24 Cleanup Grant funding to perform environmental remediation of 1700 South 49th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19143.

Theory of Change 2023-2026

We believe that growing a global economy through inclusive economic development is critical to achieving a high quality of life for all who live and work in Philadelphia.

Strategic Framework 2023-2026

A roadmap for PIDC to achieve its mission and strive toward a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable Philadelphia where all residents benefit from economic development and a growing global economy.

2021 Annual Review

AT THE BEGINNING OF 2021: PIDC set forth six strategic priorities to guide our work. At the top of those priorities is a commitment to playing a leadership role in Philadelphia’s economic recovery and deploying PIDC’s resources across all that we do – lending, business support services, real estate activity, and leveraging our own purchasing power—in ways that address racial inequity and poverty in Philadelphia.

2020 Annual Review

As we move further away from the year of 2020, we’ve had the opportunity to reflect on it with greater clarity and context. The toll on our city and our country was tragic and will be felt for generations. Never before have we simultaneously faced a global public health crisis, an economic and employment disaster, and a community impacted deeply by long-standing issues of unequal justice and racism.

2019 Annual Review

2019: PIDC continued to drive growth to every corner of Philadelphia—closing 195 transactions in 87% of the city’s zip codes.

Recovery Framework 2020

Our approach to Covid-19 economic recovery. PIDC will approach our COVID-19 economic recovery strategies through the lens of our vision for a Philadelphia economy that is growing, diversified, and inclusive in order to achieve a high quality of life for all those who live and work here.

Qualified Opportunity Zone Business Infographic

What does it take to be a qualified opportunity zone business? As small businesses often struggle to access capital from traditional venture capital and private equity sources due to the business’ scale and growth trajectory, it is important for business owners to take advantage of funding whenever possible.

2018 Annual Review

Celebrating 60 years of driving growth to every corner of Philadelphia. 2018: PIDC continued to drive growth to every corner of Philadelphia—closing 176 transactions in 87% of the city’s zip codes.