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February 23, 2022

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Honoring the legacy and great contributions of Black-owned businesses in Philadelphia, this Black History Month and beyond, we’re highlighting a few of our awesome PIDC clients. We’re proud to support local, diverse businesses through funding, workshops, and other services for business growth.  Check out their success stories and PIDC testimonials.

Marc Coleman

Founder & CEO of The Tactile Group

Experience working with PIDC:

“The training, resources, and support that they have provided have been essential to both our being able to weather the rough times and our strong growth now.”

Keisha Whatley

Founder & Art Director of Custom Arts Studio

Experience working with PIDC:

“PIDC supported the Germantown ArtHaus project throughout the application process via resources, information about projections, offering resources for appraisal and inspections, and doing their due diligence to comb through the project’s numbers to ensure we were set up for success.”

Kariema Milligan

President of Milligan Group

Experience working with PIDC:

“PIDC was instrumental in helping Milligan Group survive during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic which, up to that point, was everything. The accurate resources constantly shared by PIDC’s Marla Hamilton, along with the assuring hope that all would be well again (even if different), was a stress reliever that was priceless. It was that level of assistance that allowed us to maintain revenue through a very tough period.”

Chef David Simms

Owner of Eatible Delights Catering

Experience working with PIDC:

“We’re very excited to be at our new location! PIDC was not only instrumental in helping me to purchase the building, but also in helping me get my credit straight, helping me to evaluate my current situation, and helping me to clear up judgments [on my credit report].”

Will Toms

Co-founder of REC Philly

As the first of its kind, REC (Resources for Every Creator) Philly, serves as both a creative agency and a creative incubator with a mission to connect, empower, and educate the creative community. Co-founders and young entrepreneurs, Dave Silver and Will Toms, thought of the idea after they both finished college. Recently, Will and Dave were listed under the social impact category in Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2021 for the creation and expansion of REC Philly.

Experience working with PIDC:

 “I can’t speak highly enough of what PIDC’s support means to us. As a young, black entrepreneur, to be able to have such an innovative idea that I know is incredible for the folks that we serve is one thing, but to be able to have folks come to the table, understand the vision, and want to take a risk to support the project, that just means a ton.”

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ICYMI, click here to peruse our list of PIDC clients that are Black-owned businesses in a variety of industries. Please join us in supporting these local businesses this Black History Month and beyond. 


In 2021, PIDC and the City of Philadelphia‘s Department of Commerce supported United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey in the creation of Built By Philly, an initiative designed to address historical inequities for the city’s Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) entrepreneurs.  Built By Philly is a product of the Philadelphia Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Assessment, a study which found that while Black and Latino(a) Philadelphians account for 44% and 17% of the city’s population, they only own 5% and 4% of all small employer businesses, respectively.  PIDC will continue to work with key partners to provide resources to local businesses that are often overlooked.

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