Shop PHL: Pets Edition

Pets are a human’s best friend and they too deserve a pet spa day, adventure, or even a walk to your favorite brewery or restaurant. This month, and all year long, we celebrate our pets and below are just a few #PIDCclients that serve pets with the best care. In addition, check out local breweries

Unleashing the Potential of Wag Days Philly

Image of Wag Day staff and dog.

If you’ve taken a stroll through any Philadelphia neighborhood lately, you’ve likely noticed you’re sharing the sidewalk with more than just your neighborhood humans. Dogs rule this city, with pups living in almost one-third of all homes in Philly. Anyone with a dog knows they’re more than just a pet, they’re family. So, when you

Meet the Pets of PIDC

We’re pet people here at PIDC. From wagging tails to shiny shells (and one very special plant), our pets have a special place in our hearts. So today, we’re celebrating National Pet Day, a day to acknowledge the joy and love that pets bring to our lives by introducing you to our favorite companions. Our