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April 11, 2024

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We’re pet people here at PIDC. From wagging tails to shiny shells (and one very special plant), our pets have a special place in our hearts. So today, we’re celebrating National Pet Day, a day to acknowledge the joy and love that pets bring to our lives by introducing you to our favorite companions.

Our team is full of animal lovers who like helping entrepreneurs in the pet industry. And with funding solutions to help fill financing gaps, we get the opportunity to support some of the most exciting pet supply stores, boarding facilities, and trainers the city has to offer. 

Scroll down to meet the pets of PIDC…

Pet: Maizie

Maizie (also called Maizie Moo, Moo Moo, Crazy Maizie, Lazy Maizie, Princess Maizie, or simply Her Highness) is a ridiculously cuddly 18-month-old English Yellow Labrador Retriever. Tom’s been thinking of renaming her ‘Velcro’ since she has serious issues with personal space. She is super playful and loves to play fetch and tug of war. Maizie knows a few tricks, which she happily runs through for the chance at a treat.  However, her one true joy in life is stealing socks and getting chased by her family. She is currently recovering from a case of “Happy Tail”, a real ailment not uncommon in Labrador Retrievers.

Their Human:
Thomas Dalfo
Senior Vice President, Real Estate Services

Pets: Molly & Murphy

Molly was rescued from the Delaware County ASPCA in January of 2021. While she took her time warming up, she’s now an affectionate companion who enjoys being brushed and playing with string toys. Molly is an indoor/outdoor cat who loves gifting Luke live catches of birds and bugs to bring inside.

Murphy was rescued from a Cherry Hill shelter in May of 2021. He actually came from Azerbaijan, and had his own passport and plane ticket. He’d been run over before he was rescued and needed surgery, so he walks with a bit of a limp and is anxious around loud cars. But that doesn’t stop him from sprinting up and down the side streets of the city with the other neighborhood dogs!

Their Human:
Luke Antonello
Grants Administrator

Pet: Frank

Frank was picked up by PPD because he was a transient and living under a car in North Philly. At the time, he was a real scrappy pup – all skin and bones. Since his reformation, and a steady diet of cheeseburgers and chicken fingers, he’s really bulked up. In Jacob’s time with Frank, he’s gone from an unemployed ne’er-do-well to a fully employed pupper who helps get things done at the Navy Yard.

Their Human:
Jacob L. Dillon
Director, Navy Yard Marketing & Communications

Pets: Kleopatra, Dexter, Winry, Fia, & Dee Dee

Stepping into Quynh’s home, you would never know that she has five cats because they keep their home meticulously clean. It has to be this way because Quynh’s actually allergic to cats. When asked how do they stay on top of this, she says, “Three automatic litter boxes and an iRobot that is scheduled for daily cleanings, twice a day.”

While Quynh loves all of her fur children, the one that has been with her the longest is 18 year old Kleopatra. Kleo, a white Siamese Pointed Tabby, was nicknamed by her vet as a “spicy cat”. “When I adopted her as a kitten from PAWs, they told me she had just been returned the day before because she was beating up on the man’s Yorkie.”

Their Human:
Quynh‑Mai Nguyen
Director of Creative Services

Pet: Zoey

Zoey is a nine-year-old Boston Terrier with a whole lot of spunk. She is fetch-obsessed, and has never met a tennis ball she didn’t love. Once she’s ready for a nap, she loves to curl up between Rachel’s legs. She’s a wonderful little lady with a special personality. 

Their Human:
Rachel Hazzard
Director, Marketing Communications

Pet: Logan

Logan is a little bundle of joy. And he is clearly the Eagles biggest fan, go birds!

Their Human:
Jacqueline Shirley
Executive Assistant to the SVP of Real Estate Services

Pet: Machito

Machito, aka Superman, is Holly’s wonderful one-year-old boy. He’s the apple of her eye and sweet as pie. He also goes by his nickname Dennis (the Menace). He loves to supervise and stir up trouble when he can.

Their Human:
Holly Alsentzer
Executive Assistant to Kate McNamara, SVP Navy Yard

Pet: Chlora

Ricky adopted Chlora in August of 2020 from Trader Joes. Chlora and all Ricky’s adopted plants remind him of important life lessons: have patience and find beauty in imperfection.

Their Human: 
Ricky Huynh
Loan Officer, Project Finance

Pet: Zuzu

Nicole got Zuzu in August of 2013. She is named after the little girl from the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” and is a true character. She brings such joy with her eye rolls, paw stomps, and sighs.

Their Human:
Nicole I. Krippel
Director of Tax‑Exempt Financing & City Grants

Pet: Jeeky

Jeeky is a 15-year-old red-eared snapper with full reign of the house. He loves white grapes, shrimp, and spinach. He can climb down steps and loves sunbathing on the deck.

Their Human:
Camille Simpkins
Relationship Manager, Business Lending

Pet: Reese

Reese is a fabulous pup, maybe a bit poorly-behaved but eminently lovable!

Their Human:
Kate McNamara, Esq
Executive Vice President, Navy Yard

Pets: Lacey & Lennon

Pets are members of the family, even after they’re gone. Lisa lost Lacey and Lennon recently, but they lived amazing lives and we’re the best terriers.

Their Human:
Lisa A. Gramiak
Director, Portfolio Management

Pet: Kelev

Kelev is the Hebrew word for dog. The root of the word is lev, which means “heart”. Ilene likes her dogs big, dumb, and good looking , and Kelev fits the bill perfectly.

Their Human:
Ilene Burak, Esq.
Senior Vice President & General Counsel

Pets: Arthur & Octvious

Markell’s pets are rescues that rescued him. Arthur has always been adventurous while Octavius is cautious. They are a great balance together and loving to all, especially if you have a treat to share. He wouldn’t trade them for the world. They bring out the best in him.

Their Human:
Markell Carter
Administrative Receptionist & Coordinator

Pet: Fozzie Bear

Fozzie is Jessica’s first baby. He brightens her day every time he greets her. Fozzie had a lot of fun at the Navy Yard Mutt Strut, a fall festival that helps raise funds for Philadelphia’s homeless pets.

Their Human:
Jessica Gliwa

Pet: Randy

Randy lives up to his full name, Macho Man Randy Savage. He loves people but doesn’t like to show it. His favorite thing to do is lounge and watch TV with his human.

Their Human:
Jackie Hall
Navy Yard Community Engagement Coordinator

We Love Our Clients

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