by Lashay Smith
November 9, 2018

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Over the course of a generation, the West Parkside Business Park has made a significant contribution to the Parkside community creating nearly 600 jobs in the process. Acquired from Conrail in 1987, this 67-acre park was planned to attract as many businesses in need of a central location to serve the needs of businesses customers in Center City and University City.

For 60 years, PIDC has helped with the management, acquisition, improvement, and selling of the City’s industrial land inventory. PIDC’s investment in streets and utilities helped attract companies like Cintas, Verizon, Comcast and the Silvi Companies to West Parkside. In addition to the industrial investment, PIDC helped address community needs by providing real estate and financing for the ParkWest Town Center retail project which has brought needed retail amenities to the surrounding community.

Every year, an annual festival is hosted at ParkWest Town Center, bringing business and community together in celebration of the collaborative efforts that contributed to the development of the ParkWest Town Center. The event helps establish a positive relationship between the business center and its vibrant community.

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