Update on the Philadelphia Industrial Market & Land Use Strategy Study & Report

September 26, 2022

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PIDC is gathering a diverse group of individuals to provide feedback for the Philadelphia Industrial Market & Land Use Strategy Study & Report, which consists of comprehensive insight on the current conditions and anticipated future trends of Philadelphia’s industrial environment. PIDC, in partnership with the Philadelphia City Planning Commission and the Philadelphia Department of Commerce, is deep in collaboration with the consultant team, led by Interface Studio, on the innovative study and report, which will play a major part in developments in the city for the next decade or more.

The new study will build upon the previous Industrial Market and Land Use Strategy Report finalized in 2010, while producing updated information about Philadelphia’s industrial activity, market analysis, supply and demand of industrial land, and recommendations addressing both current and future challenges and opportunities of Philadelphia’s industry and land use. The strategy is intended to promote the protection and intensification of industrial land, and to build a more equitable, sustainable, and future-oriented strategy to drive inclusive job and business growth throughout the city for years to come. This will include a study of the economic impact of industrial activity in the city, mapping and analysis of the city’s current industrial land and building supply, and a detailed market analysis of trends in industrial land use demand. It will also create a framework of recommendations, which includes the below components.

Dynamic Economy

  • Grow and diversify Philadelphia’s industrial economic base.
  • Adapt to automation and technological advancement.
  • Respond to changing trends across a range of industry sectors.

Strong Job Growth & Employment

  • Drive inclusive job growth.
  • Promote quality employment opportunities, specifically the growth of middle-wage jobs that are available to Philadelphia residents, including those individuals with a high-school degree or equivalent.
  • Grow a workforce that is adaptable to new tasks and skills. 

Innovative Businesses

  • Attract and retain industries and businesses that respond to current and future societal needs and market demands.
  • Promote an innovation ecosystem that serves Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) entrepreneurs, driving new opportunities for inclusive wealth creation.

Thriving Community

  • Improve well-being and good health of residents and workers.
  • Create a positive relationship between industries and neighboring communities.
  • Increase community input and engagement.
  • Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion across all aspects of industrial land development.

Livable City

  • Enhance the built environment and public realm around industrial sites.
  • Ensure the efficient and safe movement of goods.
  • Incorporate features that manage environmental impacts on-site. 
  • Encourage environmental sustainability.

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Consultant Team Selected

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Land Supply, Market Demand & Trend Analysis

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Final Report

Given the changes in demand, Philadelphia needs to define its market opportunities and responsibilities for industrial development, and accordingly designate, develop, and promote a suitable inventory of marketable industrial districts, corridors, and sites that could compete successfully regional industrial and business parks and other competitive cities, and help Philadelphia grow as a green, equitable, and forward-looking city.

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