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July 20, 2018

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PIDC is proud to be a member of the advisory committee of Power Up Your Business – a program funded by the City of Philadelphia and created by the Community College of Philadelphia. Started in January 2017, Power Up Your Business has been helping business owners surge toward success in various ways. The program provides two training levels offered in various locations around the city. Topics include financial management, commercial leasing, capital and credit, marketing, and other need-to-know topics for successful business growth. The types of businesses that have taken advantage of the workshops to date include restaurants, retail locations, salons, daycares, and service industries.

“The purpose of the program is to strengthen neighborhoods by helping businesses on commercial corridors with the training and support they need to stabilize and grow,” says Director of Power Up Your Business, Pearl Wang-Herrera. “These community businesses have the potential to create local jobs.”

The Store Owner Series includes free workshops on topics to help small businesses at any stage stabilize and grow their business while the Peer-Based Learning Experience is a 10-week, 30-hour cohort-based small business boot camp that provides training and coaching support for business owners who have been in business for at least one year. Both programs have been very successful in helping business owners reach their highest potential. Since their launch in January 2017, the program has had 80 businesses complete their Peer-based Learning Experience and more than 600 people participate in the Store Owner Workshop Series.

In addition to the top-of-the-line training from local business experts, the program has another helpful component that makes it more accessible to business owners. “Our programs are unique in that we rotate the workshops and the Peer Learning program to Community College of Philadelphia’s four locations and South Philadelphia. We also partner with local community organizations to hold workshops at other locations such as the Free Library and local businesses,” says Pearl.

Plus, Power Up Your Business has provided scholarships to graduates of their Peer-based Learning Experience program, which they can redeem for a continuing professional education course at the College, including social media, grant writing, and QuickBooks training. Power Up Your Business is still surging ahead with many workshops and partnerships to aid in both the growth of business owners and the City of Philadelphia.

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