by PIDCphila
September 23, 2016

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mr-lau-with-en-motion-designBB&T Bank is dedicated to their small business customers. Jason Breinin, BB&T’s Assistant Vice President and small business specialist, was able to identify that the financing need of his client, EN-MOTION DESIGN, wasn’t the best fit. Instead of just saying no, he served as a trusted advisor to his client and referred them to PIDC—he knew that PIDC could help small businesses access the capital they need even if their bank is not able to accommodate the loan.

EN-MOTION owner, Michael L. Jackson has over thirteen years of experience in the custom metal fabrication industry.  He graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Architecture in 2002 from Temple University. He has always been fascinated with all aspects of building, spending his summers in between semesters demolishing buildings, hauling chimney flues, building facades, and tinkering with furniture.  In his third year at Temple, Michael took a course called The Art of Detailing, which involved the design and building of a small café in the lobby of Temple’s Architecture/Engineering building. During this course, Michael learned how to arc weld, and his love for metal design was born.

EN-MOTION DESIGN, Inc. is a full service metalwork Architecture, Design, and Fabrication firm.  EN-MOTION was established to combine historic architectural design with contemporary ideas of detailing, materials, and aesthetic. Due to BB&T’s new entry into the small business market, EN-MOTION was not the best fit for BB&T, but Jason knew PIDC could be a soft landing space for his client.

We have been thrilled to work with our partner BB&T to help a small businesses continue their growth in Philadelphia. Thanks to Jason’s dedication to his clients, EN-MOTION was able to get the financing they needed and maintain a great banking relationship for their day to day needs. EN-MOTION was able to secure a Capital Project loan and Working Capital and Equipment loan to acquire the warehouse they are currently occupying.

PIDC values our relationships with the bankers (and accountants, attorneys, and brokers) who know their client’s business the best. PIDC can offer tools and resources that help our partners stay competitive in an aggressive market and to be a trusted advisor for their clients.  We have a variety of flexible financing so we can partner to fill a funding gap or we can be a soft landing place to refer business that you are unable to service. If you have clients we might be able to help we’d love to discuss. Refer a client to our website at or contact Ivy Olesh Market Manager for Strategic Partnerships at .



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