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July 24, 2015

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HH2.164129PIDC is pleased to welcome its new staff member, Heather Hanowitz. Heather is joining PIDC as market manager for small and midsize commercial businesses, having spent the last five years as the Director of Business Lending for Finanta, a partner CDFI to PIDC focused on micro and small business lending. Her role at Finanta encompassed business development, underwriting, and loan closing, so she will bring a great new perspective to the Marketing & Business Development team and to the organization as a whole!

In order to support business growth and development throughout the city, PIDC engages directly with business owners, developers, non-profit leaders, investors, and strategic partners such as bankers and accounting professionals. A team of market managers leads this engagement, focused on the following sectors:

We were able to catch up with Heather during her first week at PIDC and asked her to share a little bit about herself.

What’s one thing you would like the Philadelphia business community to know about you?

HH: I would like my clients to know that I come from a long line of entrepreneurs and have firsthand experience of the ongoing struggles and barriers to entry most business owners face during the development of their business. With this perspective, I make it my mission to advocate on behalf of small businesses and ensure my clients have the best information at their fingertips.

An interesting fact to know is that I speak Spanish and always welcome the opportunity to practice so my accent doesn’t get too rusty!

What are you looking forward to most while working at PIDC?

HH: I am excited to work for Philadelphia’s public-private economic development corporation and am thrilled to have the opportunity to increase access to capital to small businesses dedicated to growing and creating jobs within the City of Philadelphia – a dynamic and culturally diverse city I feel privileged to call home.

What do you hope to accomplish while at PIDC?

HH: My goal is to make a significant impact in the lives of my clients and become a trusted member of their advisory team.

What’s your favorite pastime to do in the city?

HH: On the weekends you can find me cycling on the beautiful Schuylkill River trail, or running errands using the City’s new Indego bike share program. It’s a great program and definitely not only for tourists!

If you are a growing business in Philadelphia, find out more about how to connect with our Market Managers like Heather to help you grow.  Call 215-496-8157 or email or visit us online

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