PIDC Welcomes a New Chairperson & New Board Members

by PIDCphila
May 28, 2020

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Sal Patti

PIDC and PIDC Community Capital Chairperson

We are thrilled to announce that longtime PIDC Board of Directors and Executive Committee member, Salvatore J. Patti, has been elected by the Board to serve as the new PIDC and PIDC Community Capital chairperson.  He has also served the organization as a key member of PIDC’s Loan and Audit Committees for many years. Sal has been with PNC Bank for the past 24 years, and currently serves as regional managing director for PNC Wealth Management, in the Philadelphia, Delaware and Southern New Jersey markets. Sal is responsible for leading a team of wealth management professionals committed to business development and relationship management initiatives focused on the needs of high-net-worth clients. Prior to assuming his current role, Sal was a senior vice president and market leader for the commercial banking segment. In addition to his PNC experience, Sal was an asset-based auditor, an asset-resolution specialist, and an accountant.

Sal serves on the executive boards for a number of charitable groups and community organizations, including The Police Athletic League, The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Small Business Board, The Board of Elementary Education for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, The Union League of Philadelphia, and PAWS, just to name a few. He has also been honored by The National Italian American Political Action Committee, and The Sicilian Confederation of North America. In addition, Sal was an honoree of The Philadelphia Pinnacle Award, The Variety Club Golden Heart Award, and The Center for Grieving Children. We’re glad to have Sal’s vast expertise as PIDC’s new PIDC and PIDC Community Capital chairperson.

Sal earned a BA degree from Philadelphia University, where he has served as an adjunct professor and advisory board member to the School of Business. Fluent in Italian, Sal was born in Palermo Sicily, immigrated to the United States in 1968, and became a citizen in 1986.

After 48 years of service to PIDC, M. Walter D’Alessio retired and chaired his last Board of PIDC meeting on April 21. Click here to read about Walt’s legacy and impact.

New Board Members and Executive Committee Members

We also have several new Board members and Executive Committee members who have been appointed this year. Those new appointments include the following:

  • Sylvie Gallier Howard, City of Philadelphia
  • Reginald C. Fuller III, Fulton Bank
  • Honorable Curtis Jones, Jr., City Council of Philadelphia
  • Brian T. Keech, Drexel University
  • Jennifer L. Maher, Esq., 1776
  • Suzanne S. Mayes, Esq, Cozen O’Connor
  • Michael K. Pearson, independent board director and consultant


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Read Walt D’Alessio Tribute

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