August 9, 2013

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This summer, PIDC once again had the opportunity to work with a great group of interns from a variety of Universities which included:

  • ·          Nataly Diaz-Delgadillo, La Salle University, Operations


  • ·         Matthew Howell, La Salle University, Real Estate


  • ·         Christopher Jacks , Cornell University, Marketing and Business Development


  • ·         Andrew Rudoi, Temple University, Marketing and Communications, The Navy Yard

 PIDC believes in fostering relationships with young talent in hopes they will see Philadelphia is a promising place to start and grow a career after graduation. PIDC wants those interning in Philadelphia to know the city is not only a great place to invest and work, but to live and play as well.  In building these relationships and keeping a young talent pool in the city, it can aide in attracting new businesses and allowing existing companies to stay and grow here, which is PIDC’s mission.

Over the course of the summer, PIDC’s interns have contributed to the various departments’ missions, administrative work, research, and marketing initiatives. But they also had the opportunity to step out of the office and attend City Council meetings, participate in a client scavenger hunt with Opportunity Finance Network, attend PIDC’s Annual Family Picnic as well as take a tour of The Navy Yard.

As a New York native, Marketing and Business Development intern Christopher Jacks says, he quickly learned Philadelphia is a place full of amazing people with unique backgrounds and PIDC was no different. “United under a common goal of wanting to see Philadelphia thrive; the emotional connection that exist between Philadelphia and PIDC motivated me to do all I could during my brief stay in Philadelphia. The greatest take away from my time spent with PIDC has to be, as an entrepreneur, talking with business owners in a personal setting; hearing their stories of what motivated them to start their businesses, as well as challenges they faced, the insights they gained, and their dreams for the future.”

Andrew Rudoi, Marketing and Communications intern at The Navy Yard said, “The best thing about interning for PIDC is that, while it’s a relatively small company, it has every department a large company would have. I’ve spent a lot of time learning a lot of things that are outside my field of expertise because these departments are so easily accessible that I’ve been able to gain experience in a variety of topics that I might have missed working for any other company. It’s interesting to see how these departments come together to help present Philadelphia as a center for economic growth. Working in the marketing department down in The Navy Yard has allowed me to see this first hand.  To sum up his summer experience Rudoi said, “Working for PIDC at The Navy Yard is more hip than I ever could have imagined!”

PIDC wishes the 2013 Summer Interns the best of luck in the upcoming Fall Semester and looks forward to continuing the tradition of welcoming more interns into its family.  

For more information on applying for an internship at PIDC please contact Terry DeMusis , Human Resources at 215-496-8131 or .

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