by PIDCphila
September 8, 2012

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PIDC is excited to announce the start of a new social media weekly campaign to engage our audience and be accessible online as a resource in economic development. Social media is an important avenue to connect with current and potential clients, economic development partners, and those interested in financing and real estate as well as for PIDC to stay up to date with our marketplace.
PIDC launched its social media outreach in April by creating a new Facebook page and joining the conversation on Twitter.  Since then, we have engaged with our clients and followers on some great topics and in meaningful discussions.  We are now taking it a step further to become more interactive by maintaining a weekly schedule so our diverse audiences can be on the lookout for topics that interest them.  Through social media, PIDC has another avenue to respond quickly to questions, inform others of new programs and services, and be available for for-profit and nonprofit businesses and developers looking to invest in Philadelphia.  With today’s technology,providing quick results is a necessity and PIDC is eager to use its social media outlets as a resource.

The new campaign will run weekly Monday through Friday and will highlight topics such as:

Made In Philly Mondays: Featuring products, services or organizations “made” in Philadelphia.

Talk About It Tuesdays:  PIDC will host open discussions on Twitter with a PIDC staff member to answer questions about topics related to financing and real estate for emerging and small businesses, non-profits, hospitality, retail, manufacturing industries and more.

Win It Wednesdays:  PIDC Facebook fans will have the opportunity to guess the location of a photo featuring a PIDC client location. Those who guess correctly will be entered into a drawing to win a small gift card to the featured client.

Testimony Thursdays:  Hear first-hand from PIDC clients about their experience working with PIDC to undertake a project in Philadelphia and why Philadelphia is a smart choice for investment.

Fun Fact Fridays:  Interesting facts and photos of Philadelphia, PIDC and clients.

PIDC looks forward to connecting more with audiences on social media. Be sure to stop by on Twitter at @PIDCphila and on Facebook at Stay tuned for more about our clients, upcoming contests, chats and fun facts.

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