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March 29, 2016

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??????????PIDC is proud to work with all sizes and types of businesses, non-profit organizations, and developers to drive growth to every corner of our city. We’re always excited to celebrate our clients so we caught up with a few from 2015 to share their success stories. Read more about our clients below and click here to see more about 2015 with our Annual Review. 

Community Marketing Concepts


Community Marketing Concepts, is a Philadelphia based, certified minority and woman owned full-service engagement marketing and communications firm.

“The business financing we’ve received through PIDC has helped us manage our business credit and consistently keep a positive cash flow.  Some customers don’t pay for 60 to 90 days or more which can create chaos on day-to day business and our cash flow.  PIDC funding is a “business saver.”  Having a positive cash flow allows our company to keep an excellent credit rating and enables us to secure low interest terms on operational  items such as supplies and equipment. Since being a client with PIDC, we’ve experienced 30% growth (in the last  two years), hired additional staff, invested in our business and ourselves.

We love doing business in Philadelphia.  There is never a dull moment. I love the challenge of being a business owner most days, it’s certainly not easy but at the end of each day, I’m thankful for the great people I meet and interact with from all walks of life, our customers and the communities of people we  engage and of course, the interaction of commerce.

We’re a family-owned  business.  In the near future my daughter Phoebe and my nephew Ashley will be the heads of  our family business.  I’m looking forward to witnessing the second generation take  Community Marketing Concepts to the next level.”

“PIDC  is driving growth to every corner of Philadelphia. Our #PIDCcorner is in the very busy and diverse Haverford Avenue commercial corridor in West Philadelphia.”





Bulogics is an “Internet of Things” (IoT) engineering firm, dedicated to making the IoT attainable to companies and consumers alike.

“One of the most challenging decisions in business is when and how to expand, which for us, means hiring the world’s best engineers.  And business is just like life, despite the best laid plans there are inevitable and unexpected curve balls.  Without PIDC, we would necessarily be more risk averse as we grow, perhaps neglecting to hire the right candidate if the timing wasn’t perfect. But with the knowledge that the PIDC is available to us as a resource, we can access capital more strategically, thereby making us more competitive.

We love the camaraderie of the business and technology communities in Philadelphia. We lack the transience that is representative of NYC. We aren’t here to get some task done or accomplish something, and then leave. We’re here to build something that lasts, and in doing so, build community. We’re grateful for this consistent commitment from our phenomenal community.

We’re in a market that is the future of technology, the Internet of Things. We’re literally inventing the future every day! I can’t think of a growth opportunity more exciting than that!”

“PIDC is driving growth to every corner of Philadelphia. Our #PIDCcorner is at Ridge and Midvale in our beloved East Falls, Philadelphia!”





Veyko offers design / design detailing / metal fabrication and installation services to architects, designers, general contractors and homeowners.

“In receiving a Capital Project Loan from PIDC, Veyko was able to fully realize a beautiful new facility. As an ornamental metal manufacturer, scaling our shop from 5,000 to 12,000 square feet  was essential to ensuring the long-term growth of the company by expanding our machine capabilities, accommodating larger projects, and most importantly, hiring new employees.

Philadelphia has always been a city filled with hard workers. It’s exciting to be a part of the changing history of the city, and to participate in the revitalization and growth of small manufacturing.  We love the fact that we can all live, play and work in this city.

We want to become the kind of company that people seek to be a part of.  We take great pride in our craftsmanship, but we are also committed to building a company culture and workplace that Philadelphia can be proud of.”

“PIDC  is driving growth to every corner of Philadelphia. Our #PIDCcorner is at the intersection of N. American St. and W. Oxford St. along the Arts and Fabrication Corridor in Kensington, Philadelphia.”


HOME HERO IMG_0689 (1)
Pete Rose, owner of The Home Hero


The Home Hero is a home repair services company providing super-powered handyman service.

“PIDC was our Super Hero.  When traditional banks wouldn’t give us the time of day, PIDC took a deeper look at our growing business, and realized we were a company worth betting on.  They gave us funds that have helped us maintain and continue our 50% annual growth rate, market our services to a wider audience, and introduced us to a community of other small businesses and resources we would have never known existed.

We love that we walk out our door and run into customers everywhere we go.  We have over 5000 customers in Center City, so barely a day goes by when a happy customer stops and says hello.  We’ve even had customers yell across the street “We Love You Guys!” Where else are you going to find a city that makes you feel that at home each and every day?

Our goal is to grow our VIP Super Powered Handyman Service to the surrounding counties.  To do this, we need to invest in more advanced cloud based technology to make our estimating and scheduling process as quick and efficient as possible.  With the backing of PIDC, we believe we can amortize these costs to invest in a future where The Home Hero is the #1 Handyman Service in the entire Philadelphia Region.”

“PIDC is driving growth to every corner of Philadelphia. Our #PIDCcorner is in Queen Village, right off Fabric Row.”


Axalta Chairman & CEO Charles W. Shaver with PIDC President John Grady and Councilman Kenyatta Johnson.
Axalta Chairman & CEO Charles W. Shaver with PIDC President John Grady and Councilman Kenyatta Johnson.


Axalta develops, manufactures and sells wide selection performance and transportation coatings around the world. Its customers range from among the largest, global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to small, family-owned businesses.

“PIDC has been a terrific partner in two moves to Philadelphia. First, Axalta relocated our global headquarters to the city in 2013. Then, we made the decision to construct our new Global Innovation Center at The Navy Yard which, when it opens in late 2017, will serve as the hub of our worldwide technology network spread across six continents. As a public-private sector entity, PIDC brings an understanding of the needs of the private sector while offering insights into the public interests that both contribute to and are served by a major corporate presence in the city.

It’s difficult to short list the benefits of having our headquarters in Philadelphia. Some include professional resources and services, proximity to major airports serving international destinations, diverse housing options for employees, the opportunity to partner with both commercial and philanthropic organizations, and terrific cultural and hospitality opportunities are among the reasons we chose the city. All these strengths are not only a benefit to our current employees but also support our recruitment strategy as candidates appreciate what the city has to offer.

Our goal is to be the leading global supplier of industrial coatings for our customers. We will drive that growth by expanding market share in the diverse end markets we serve both through organic growth and targeted acquisitions. Philadelphia will share in that growth. We will solidify our relationships with local community organizations, focusing on programs that support sustainability and education, particularly the STEM disciplines of science, technology, engineering and math. These fields meet societal goals and also reflect our business and areas of expertise.”

“PIDC is driving growth to every corner of Philadelphia. Our #PIDCcorner is South Philadelphia at the Navy Yard.”



Lamm Realty Group, developer behind Grays Ferry Education and Wellness Center
Lamm Realty Group, developer behind Grays Ferry Education and Wellness Center


“PIDC has helped us finance a community project that normally would not stand on its own without the resources that PIDC brings to the table. PIDC’s financing allowed us to deliver below market rental rates and complete tenant fit-outs so that non-profits can focus their resources on the high-quality services they provide in the neighborhood.

One of the best things about building in Philadelphia is the entitlement process for zoning. A developer that focuses on community needs and employs best practices will always have an easy time if they first go to the neighborhood before submitting to the ZBA. Developers can obtain zoning faster in the city environment as opposed any of the suburbs.

We see that we will get more traction in the community as we put more of these products out there.  Having the community’s best interests in mind and allowing its constituents to grow and progress will continue to be our main focus.

Our model focuses on determining the services of highest need in any community and filling the “hole in the middle of the donut”.  We are on every #PIDCcorner that we need to be and PIDC helps us deliver more services to more people.”


BFW Group
BFW Group


BFW provides construction project management, program management, Owner’s Representation and real estate development consulting services.

“PIDC provides financing at a very reasonable interest rate and technical advice to help me grow my business. PIDC funds my line of credit within 24 hours upon delivery of approved invoices.  PIDC staff is knowledgeable and they really get to know your business.

After working with clients like the City of Philadelphia, Keating, HRI Development Group,  and LF Driscoll, we are now confident that we can serve a broad array of clients and projects throughout Philadelphia.”

“PIDC is driving growth to every corner of Philadelphia. Our #PIDCcorner is South Philadelphia at the Navy Yard.”



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