PIDC Launches Redesigned & Reimagined Websites

July 6, 2023

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For Immediate Release: July 6, 2023
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PIDC Launches Redesigned and Reimagined Websites

The economic development corporation’s two flagship websites, and, aim to better serve businesses, nonprofits, and developers

PHILADELPHIA — Today, the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) announced the overhaul of the organization’s two flagship websites – and – to better suit the needs and expectations of business owners, nonprofit leaders, investors, clients, stakeholders, and the public at large. PIDC is Philadelphia’s official economic development corporation, founded by the City of Philadelphia and Chamber of Commerce 65 years ago with the mission to spur investment, support business growth, and foster developments that create jobs, revitalize neighborhoods, and drive inclusive growth to every corner of Philadelphia. PIDC also manages and develops the Navy Yard—a historic and evolving waterfront neighborhood and business district in Philadelphia with 15,000 people, 150 diverse companies, and 20 acres of parks. 

“After a year and a half of planning, research and design, we’re excited to roll out our revamped websites, with the goal of delivering an inspiring, compelling, and intuitive user experience. People who are going to our websites are looking for business resources, including financing opportunities to grow their operations or real estate to lease, purchase, or expand their business,” said PIDC president Jodie Harris. “These new websites are an important step forward in our mission to support equitable economic growth and development in Philadelphia. By providing easy access to PIDC’s resources and information on the Navy Yard, we can help businesses and developers succeed in our city.”

The launch of these two websites is part of PIDC’s ongoing commitment to supporting the local economy and driving growth in Philadelphia. PIDC initiated an overhaul and redesign of its flagship websites to make sure that its services and resources are more accessible and understandable to business owners, nonprofit leaders, real estate developers, partners, and investors of all sizes across various industries who visit the websites. It was also important to make modern updates that cater to the current and growing needs of the business and nonprofit communities as they navigate current economic challenges in the global marketplace. 

Last year, PIDC partnered with P’unk Ave (since acquired by Yes&) – a Philadelphia-based website design and strategic development company – to embark on a goal to simplify the content and design of both of PIDC’s flagship websites to create a better experience for visitors. The process started with a research phase spearheaded by P’unk Ave which reviewed website feedback from target focus groups, company goals, uncovering audiences, and strategizing design and content recommendations to meet goals.

PIDC’s website strategically caters to current and potential clients, stakeholders, current and potential investors, and partners. The redesigned website features a more streamlined layout for easier navigation and simplified, engaging content that concisely clarifies PIDC’s services, including what PIDC is, who PIDC serves, its impact, contract opportunities, free business workshops and resources for growth, real estate, financing, and more.

The Navy Yard’s website strategically caters to current employees and employers, potential and current developers, prospective and current tenants, job seekers, and visitors. The redesign features a more streamlined design with more concise content for easier access to the most visited pages, including the Navy Yard’s free, public events and programming; information about the 15,000 employees that work in industries ranging from industrial shipbuilding to life sciences and the 150 diverse businesses that call the Navy Yard home; a list of opportunities to do business through PIDC at the Navy Yard; and more.

Overall, upgrades to both sites include: 

  • A dynamic, visually-focused homepage that tells the story of who PIDC is and what the organization offers more effectively 
  • A lively website that combines both utility and engagement, incorporates consistent layouts, promotes legibility, and breaks down heavy content
  • A website with simple and clear navigation that shows pathways and options to drive users to the right content less clicks than before
  • More relevant statistics showcasing PIDC’s impressive impact
  • Visibly featured upcoming events for more awareness
  • More PIDC client success stories, featured tenants at the Navy Yard, helpful resources, and other impactful and useful content 
  • A layout that encourages a continued flow through the site while also helping users access key information via quick links
  • More effective calls to action that encourage users to contact either PIDC or the Navy Yard for more information
  • More images and videos that humanize the PIDC team, the Navy Yard, team, and those they serve.

Visit and share the newly redesigned websites which are now live and located at the existing URLs for PIDC ( and the Navy Yard (

About PIDC 

PIDC is Philadelphia’s city-wide, public-private economic development corporation. As a nonprofit founded in 1958 as a partnership of the City of Philadelphia and the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, PIDC’s mission is to spur investment, support business growth, and foster developments that create jobs, revitalize neighborhoods, and drive growth to every corner of Philadelphia. Over the past nearly 65 years, PIDC has settled over 13,000 transactions with a diverse range of clients – including more than $19 billion of financing and 3,350 acres of land sales – which have leveraged tens of billions of dollars total investment and assisted in retaining and creating hundreds of thousands of jobs in Philadelphia. 

For more information about PIDC, visit and follow us at @PIDCphila on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

For more information about the Navy Yard, visit and follow us at @NavyYardPhila on Twitter, @TheNavyYard on Facebook, and @the-Navy-Yard on LinkedIn.


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