Join Our Partners in Supporting Summer Jobs for Youth

by PIDCphila
February 24, 2020

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In the city of Philadelphia, about 16,000 young people apply for summer employment each year, yet only about half are connected to opportunities. As we continue to build our future talent pipeline, it’s crucial that employers support early career preparation to put our region’s young talent on the right track for a successful career.

Through WorkReady, a citywide summer jobs program managed by the Philadelphia Youth Network, your organization can change the career trajectory of a young person in Philadelphia and help build our region’s talent pipeline. Employers can participate by hiring an intern or sponsoring the program.

The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, an enthusiastic employer partner of WorkReady and PIDC partner, supports this summer work experience program and encourages businesses of any size and industry to get involved.

In addition to shaping your future workforce, hiring an intern can help your organization:

  • Provide a leadership opportunity to junior employees by giving them a supervisory role in managing an intern.
  • Encourage diversity of thought, which benefits your business — participating young people come from different backgrounds and offer fresh perspectives.
  • Participate in a collective effort to contribute to the future success of our region’s economy, which depends on having a talented and highly-skilled workforce.

This summer job program addresses the skills gap by convening partners, employers, leaders of youth-serving systems, and youth to build a coordinated approach to preparing young people for future employment.

Questions? Contact Patty Day at or (215) 790-3725.

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