by PIDCphila
September 29, 2017

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As we are certain you are well aware by now, Amazon has announced they are looking for a location for their new second headquarters.  Here at PIDC we have been working hard with our partners at the City of Philadelphia on Philadelphia’s proposal to become the home of Amazon’s HQ2 and the company’s next 50,000 employees. Like Amazon, Philadelphia thinks big and delivers results!

Many of you have expressed an interest in supporting Philadelphia’s response. As a key partner in the community, we hope that you will help us spread a positive message about our city.  While there are other major cities that check the boxes of what Amazon is looking for, Philadelphia stands above the rest when it comes to location, affordability and the depth of our talent pool.

Here are a few specifics you can highlight in addition to your own reasons to love Philadelphia:

  • From Philadelphia, Europe is accessible in under six hours from our international airport – located just 15 minutes from downtown.
  • You can reach 40 percent of the U.S. population within two hours; and our neighbors in C. and New York are less than 90 minutes away by train.
  • Philadelphia has centrally located sites with transit and transportation infrastructure in place to support a development as transformative as Amazon’s HQ2.
  • A majority minority city, Philadelphia offers rich cultural diversity across its many neighborhoods, and provides a welcoming environment for all who call it home.
  • Our cost of living is 20 percent lower than most other major metro areas.
  • Philadelphia’s quality of life, combined with 102 local colleges and universities turning out 90,000 graduates per year, has sparked the fastest-growing millennial population among the 10 largest cities in the US.

If you are posting on social media, consider messaging @amazon and @jeffbezos with #PhillyDelivers.

Your continued support will be vital in the weeks ahead as we work to position our city as the future site of Amazon’s HQ2.

Thank you for your support!

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