Grays Avenue Corridor Clean-Up Day

by Lashay Smith
October 27, 2021

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Earlier this month, PIDC partnered with SEPTA, various City departments, and community groups to host a clean-up day for the Grays Avenue Corridor in Southwest Philadelphia. The corridor is the site of a year-long Complete Streets Concepts & Design Project (Complete Streets Project), led by SEPTA and supported by funding from a Helping Obtain Prosperity for Everyone (HOPE) Grant and PIDC.  The Project will provide planning and preliminary design documents (up to 15%) needed for transportation infrastructure upgrades such as trolley modernization and roadway reconfiguration. It will also include preliminary designs for streetscape and sidewalk improvements, as well as gateway treatments to major attractions. In addition to the Complete Streets Project, SEPTA has committed to a financial investment in this corridor, to build three new trolley stations.


PIDC is working in collaboration with the community to address long-standing pain points in the neighborhood, which include the state of Grays Avenue and Lindbergh Boulevard. Neighbors have repeatedly expressed concern about the safety of the corridor, the trash on the sidewalks, the broken sidewalks, and the poor lighting.  

For this reason, PIDC plans to assist with funding the full design of the Complete Streets Project, as well as the construction of the streetscape, sidewalk improvements, and gateway treatments. PIDC also plans to expand the scope of the study area to include streetscape improvements for the following locations: 

  • Lindbergh Boulevard from 56th Street to 61st Street
  • South 51st Street from Grays Avenue east to the intersection of 51st Street and Botanic Avenue 
  • South 56th Street from Lindbergh Boulevard east to Bartram’s Plaza at the edge of the Schuylkill River


During the clean-up event, SEPTA, PIDC, various City departments, and community partners also held an information fair. PIDC staff hosted a table with information on business resources and support for the needs of the community. 

As PIDC begins the process of selecting a development partner for our life science campuses along the western bank of the Lower Schuylkill River, we are committing to ensuring that the development process progresses in a way that embraces diversity and is equitable and inclusive. We are particularly mindful of ensuring that future development in the area will have a positive impact on the people who will be living with the development for decades to come. 

We are excited to work with SEPTA and other partners to improve the Grays Avenue Corridor for neighborhood residents, businesses, and visitors.

Source:  SEPTA | Grays Avenue Clean Up Event 

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