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July 25, 2016

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imgresAs we are sure you know, Philadelphia is the proud host of the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

For up-to-the minute information about rolling road closures, demonstrations, or possible service disruptions, follow @Philadelphiagov on Twitter.

Got more questions? Visit Phila.gov/DNC

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To help create a fun and interactive atmosphere for Philadelphia and the DNC , #DNCDeals is Philadelphia 2016’s campaign to help build excitement about exclusive offerings throughout the city.

Local businesses can offer unique and exclusive deals on food, beverage, clothing, and merchandise.To participate, businesses can simply use the hashtag on their social media accounts to spread the word about what they are offering for the DNC.

To learn more about #DNCDeals click here

Below are ways that your business can participate in #DNCDeals.

Restaurants, Bars, Cafes: Tweet or Instagram anything special that your business will be offering during DNC, with the #DNCDeals hashtag.

Some ideas about how to participate:

  • Create a special DNC-inspired special menu item, cocktail, or $20.16 priced Blue Plate Special. Have fun with it.
    • Depending on your business, a $20.16 Blue Plate Special could be a single dish, a prix fixe lunch, a combo deal, etc.
    • Create a photo or graphic featuring your special offer that can be shared across social media.
  • Host a DNC watch party at your establishment, showing the convention on your TVs.
  • Participate in a special Convention Week edition of Center City Sips on Wednesday, July 27th with a custom DNC-themed drink offering.
  • Is your kitchen or bar menu staying open late during convention week? Spread the word about it with the hashtag #DNCDeals.

Attractions: You can also use the #DNCDeals hashtag for anything special your attraction is doing around the DNC. Once that’s been determined, let people know by tweeting it with #DNCDeals.

  • Click here to post a description of your special exhibit or discounted admission on phillyfunguide.com.
  • Tweet or post about discounts using #DNCDeals on Twitter or Instagram starting Wednesday, June 1.

Some ideas about how to participate:

  • Do you have any exhibits or pieces in your collection that are DNC-related? Will you have any extended or special hours during the DNC?
  • Can visitors get any kind of promotional discount (10%, 20%, $2 off, etc.) at the ticket desk with the promo code, DNCDeals?
  • Consider incorporating a DNC theme into any evening programming that may be happening during Convention Week.

Shops: You use the #DNCDeals hashtag to offer special discounts, sales or promotions tied to a Convention theme. Once those details specific to your offer have been determined, let people know by tweeting it with #DNCDeals.

Some ideas about how to participate:

  • Enhance the retail experience by offering added value or special touches, such as champagne or juice while shopping, trunk shows, cookies, red and blue berries and more.
  • Offer a discount to all customers with a verbal cue about the DNC (either a set discount or your own creative discount, such as discount on red, white and blue items).
  • Create a photo or graphic featuring your special offer that can be shared across social media and share photos of merchandise.

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