December 10, 2018

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Calling Philadelphia, PA home for the past 144 years, CoverSports traces its roots back to D.C. Humphrys Company, when in 1874 it was manufacturing covers for wagons. D.C Humphrys is one of the oldest continuously manufacturing companies in the United States. While its product line has evolved to primarily include athletic fabric products and covers sold under the CoverSports name, D.C Humphrys continues to provide the “old-fashioned” customer service that has kept the company strong for over a century.

Currently, the company primarily manufactures a range of athletic field covers, gymnasium floor cover systems, windscreens for tennis courts, indoor and outdoor padding, and printed fence covers for athletic facilities, educational institutions, and businesses. These products are often branded with logos and graphics for the customer.

Competing today in a more global market, CoverSports has turned to technology as a means of differentiation. The company’s proprietary TuffPrint™ printing process enables clients to digitally print logos and graphics on a wide range of types and colors of fabrics for windscreens, covers, padding, and banners.

This process produces higher quality products at lower cost than alternative printing methods, because the technology goes about printing in a different way than traditional printers. Instead of printing the entire surface of a product over a white fabric, CoverSports TuffPrint™ printers can print on colored fabrics by laying down a white base layer beneath all printed colors. This results in far less ink required for each product, as well as a colored reverse side instead of a white one. CoverSports uses TuffPrint™ to help educational and professional athletic facilities harness the power of branding.

Through its 160,000 square foot Philadelphia manufacturing facility, CoverSports can offer extra-large and/or custom products, with and without graphics. Of note, this has included branded 170’ by 170’ infield covers for several Major League Baseball teams, including the Cardinals and the Nationals.

In addition to CoverSports products, D.C. Humphrys manufactures a variety of other textile products. These range from natural canvas by the roll, to truck tarps, to specialized nuclear containment bags for the U.S. military. The manufacture of both commercial and residential awnings for the local tri-state region is another significant part of D.C. Humphrys’ business.

The D.C. Humphrys company received financing from PIDC, including a Capital Project Loan, to purchase and improve its current facility along with new manufacturing equipment to accommodate its expanding business. PIDC is proud to see how far the company has grown.

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Learn more about PIDC’s Capital Project Loan.

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