Community Health and Literacy Center Grand Opening

May 10, 2016

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Community Health and Literacy Center Photo Credit: The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Community Health and Literacy Center Photo Credit: The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

On May 9th, 2016 The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), The City of Philadelphia, PIDC, and other partners celebrated the grand opening of the 96,000 square foot, LEED-certified Community Health and Literacy Center. This $42.5 million project is the first of its kind with a joint venture between the City of Philadelphia, CHOP, & the Free Library of Philadelphia. Its focus will be on improving the health of an entire community, allowing both children and adults to access services to promote care, wellness, and literacy.

PIDC assisted in structuring the real estate and financing elements necessary to execute this initiative. The quality of the project, and the partners involved, allowed PIDC to raise more than $30 million in New Markets Tax Credits from a group of national investors, and PIDC lead that group with its own investment. Those investors included Chase, Commonwealth Cornerstone Group, and City First Bank.

CHOP  and the City have played an incredible role in leading this innovation and PIDC is please to have been a strong partner in its success. The Community Health and Literacy Center sets a strong precedent for a new generation of public-private partnerships that PIDC can help structure, finance, and implement throughout Philadelphia.


The Community Health and Literacy Center offers four unique spaces that together focus on improving community health and wellness. The CHOP Pediatric Primary Care Center at 22,000 square feet is expected to have a patient rate of 35,000 patient visits per year.

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health Community Health Center at 29,500 square feet with an expected patient rate of over 50,000 patient visits per year offers adult, pediatric, women’s health, family planning, and dental care specialties, health and nutrition classes, as well as clinical recommendations for physical activity at the DiSilvestro Playground and Recreation Center.

The Free Library of Philadelphia South Philadelphia Library at nearly 12,000 square feet with an expected 150,000 customers per year will offer child and adult literacy classes, a library-based Consumer Health Resources Center, free Wi-Fi, public computers, computer classes, and ESL classes.

The DiSilvestro Playground and Recreation Center offers an indoor and outdoor recreation space, playground, basketball court, green space, and rain garden.

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