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July 28, 2017

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Based in North Philadelphia, DiSorb Systems manufactures and distributes a wide range of medical products to healthcare facilities throughout the U.S. and in many countries around the world. DiSorb has been a PIDC client for over 15 years.DiSorb manufactures waste management products primarily in hospital operating rooms that solidify and treat liquid medical waste. In addition DiSorb distributes many other brands including Cardinal HealthMedela, Polymem, Umano and Span America, mainly to the Federal government.

DiSorb CEO Ted McLaughlin a former member of the U.S. Navy, and graduate of Villanova University, spent his early career working for companies in healthcare. In 1998 Ted started his first business, Select Medical Systems which sold refurbished medical equipment. In 2000 he founded DiSorb Systems and has never looked back. He very much enjoys being an entrepreneur.

Ted has been working with PIDC since 2001 when we helped finance the purchase of his first factory in Northeast Philadelphia. Since then PIDC has played an active role in supporting DiSorb’s continued growth. DiSorb has a fairly large customer that has always been a slow payer. Ted contacted PIDC to find out if we could offset what had become 50 day terms with this customer. “PIDC’s Contract Line of Credit was the perfect vehicle to solve the problem. In effect, this contract line of credit has reduced our pay cycle from 50 days to 2 days for a nominal interest fee,” said Ted.

Ted expects DisSorb’s manufacturing business to grow in the range of 300% this year. He also anticipates much larger growth in its distribution business. He credits this business growth to the hard work of his talented and loyal employees. PIDC is excited to be a part of DiSorb’s story and looks forward to seeing its continued success.

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