November 1, 2018

PIDC partnered with the City, the University of Pennsylvania and its Health System, and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to convert the former Civic Center and Philadelphia General Hospital complex into a 19 acre 5.4 million square-foot healthcare district of hospitals, medical facilities, and clinical research centers that emerged over time as one of the world’s leading medical communities on the cutting edge of innovation.

The partners launched the joint development in 2005 outlining a timeline and development requirements for each institutions’ parcel(s). Two acres of the property was designated for a 1900-car garage on the southern-most end, which was jointly completed by Penn and CHOP. The remaining 17 acres of the Civic Center site were re-divided to create a central parcel owned by CHOP, flanked by two Penn parcels.

Combined, both institutions have invested $4 billion, $2 billion in their respective facilities, on the site – creating thousands of jobs while developing breakthrough cures and therapies that impact people throughout the world. PIDC represented the City of Philadelphia in the planning of reuse for the Civic Center site and in the related negotiations with Penn and CHOP.

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