Triple Bottom Brewing

October 29, 2019

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Triple Bottom Brewing recently celebrated a grand opening at their location at 915 Spring Garden in the West Poplar/ Callowhill neighborhood of Philadelphia. And according to CEO, Tess Hart, it has been a long time coming since she co-founded the business with Bill Popwell and Kyle Carney in 2016. “We brewed our pilot beers in many places before this year — from a friend’s backyard and my parents’ kitchen to our brewer’s family’s driveway. We are lucky that so many people tolerated our experimentation as we concocted our favorite beers,” she said.

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The Grand Opening

To officially open a location for their dream business, they sought PIDC’s assistance, even before they had a lease on a building. In 2017, PIDC, through the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority (PIDA) funding, financed Triple Bottom Brewing with a Capital Project Loan and Working Capital & Equipment Loan. As first time borrowers, Tess and her team were initially intimidated by the loan process. However, the feeling quickly subsided working with PIDC. “The PIDA loan provided critical funds to help us purchase our brewing equipment and cover some of our working capital costs,” Tess said. “The process of obtaining a loan from the state is fairly opaque, and PIDC coached us through every step of the way. It felt like we had someone in our court when working with PIDC.” The business opened this year in the 20th century Reading Railroad building. In addition to the fully functional brewery the site also features seating for up to 150 people to enjoy food and beer.

“It felt like we had someone in our court when working with PIDC.” -Tess Hart, Co-founder, Triple Bottom Brewing

Brewery With a Cause

Triple Bottom Brewing is not your ordinary brewery. It’s a neighborhood brewery with a cause. Their mission is to create moments of joy and connection, empower each other to craft a better future, and protect the health of the planet. It is a fair chance business — recruiting team members with diverse strengths and skills, and partnering with them on their journey to develop new ones. To accomplish this goal, Triple Bottom Brewery partners with local nonprofits, Project HOME, Mural Arts, and Youth Sentencing & Reentry Project. The brewery also tracks exactly how much water, gas, and electricity used at the brewery to constantly improve output. Plus, all of their electricity is from wind power, most of which is produced in Pennsylvania. This year, Triple Bottom Brewery has been featured in The Philadelphia Citizen, The Philadelphia Tribune, MSN, KYW News Radio, and more.

The early success of the business was a major team effort with Bill, Kyle, and the employees who Tess describes as “wonderful people who are great at their jobs” who make her feel confident about the future of Triple Bottom Brewing. It took a few years for their vision to become a reality after years of planning and months of construction. The biggest reward of it all, according to Tess, is “seeing people spending time at Triple Bottom — enjoying our beer, and enjoying each other’s company.” As for future plans, in 2020, the business hopes to become a Certified B Corporation — a business that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

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