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by Lashay Smith
December 16, 2020

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As a descendant of Eastern European Jewish refugees and the husband of a Venezuelan native, Attorney Adam Solow and his entire team have either experienced the immigration system first hand or witnessed loved ones go through the system. In 2008, Adam co-founded Solow & Isbell, LLC, and later became the managing partner of Solow, Isbell & Palladino, LLC (SIP) — an immigration law firm to help support and guide individuals as they navigate their immigration journey. However, after the company dissolved during the COVID-19 pandemic in October, Adam pivoted that month by co-founding SHG Immigration Law with Matthew Hartnett and Christina Galvan to continue his work. In December 2020, SHG Immigration Law will open a satellite office in Kennett Square, PA, in addition to its Philadelphia and Collingswood, NJ offices.

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PIDC caught up with Adam to discuss his entrepreneurship journey in immigration law, receiving PIDC and the Department of Commerce’s COVID-19 Small Business Relief Fund Zero Interest Loan, and how his business pivoted this year.

Q: How did your journey in immigration law start?

A: Alex Isbell and I left our previous firm and founded Solow & Isbell in 2008 during the Great Recession. We began with a handful of clients and operated out of coffee shops, meeting clients in the evenings in a dental office in Center City. We hired Matthew Hartnett as our first employee in January of 2009, and from there, things took off. We added Ricky Palladino in 2012 to form SIP Immigration. The first few years building the business were the most fun I’ve had in my career. I’m really looking forward to building up our new law firm with Matthew, Christina and the rest of our team.

Q: How did you pivot to co-found your new law firm, SHG Immigration Law, after SIP was dissolved in October?

A: I guess the pandemic showed that my former partners and I have different visions for the future and the way we wanted to practice law. I have two wonderful new partners, Matthew Hartnett and Christina Galvan, and we have a great team with a really bright future. Ricky Palladino and Alex Isbell have a great team with a bright future as well.

Q: In what ways did PIDC assist your business?

A: A law firm’s only value is in its clients and its team. We had (and have) the best team, so when the pandemic hit, I sought PIDC assistance in order to keep our team together. Thanks to the [Small Business Relief Fund Zero Interest] Loan, we were confident that we could meet our payroll obligations and didn’t have to lay anybody off. Business stabilized and we were able to pay off the loan in full.

Q: What has been your proudest accomplishment, so far, as a business owner?

A: Over the course of 12 years, SIP grew to 9 attorneys and 20 support staff, with three office locations. I’m proud that we could offer our employees health care, dental insurance, 401K, profit sharing and pension plans. I’m proudest of how our team fought back against the injustices of the Donald Trump administration, and effectively and zealously represented our clients.

Q: In your 12 years of working in immigration law, what’s the most rewarding part of your job?

A: My team does this because we love to keep families together. I’ve been doing this long enough that I’ve been able to see the positive impact our work has on the world. Our clients have gone on to start families, found businesses, and contribute to our society. We feel so lucky that we get to be a small part of their American story.

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