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September 29, 2017

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PIDC had the privilege of attending the 50th Anniversary celebration of its client Spectrum Health Services, Inc. At which they also honored 50 Community Gems whose work aligns with their mission. PIDC’s Marla Hamilton was among those being honored.

Spectrum is celebrating 50 years of service as a healthcare provider in the City of Philadelphia. Its model of integrated care provides services for all life-cycles and addresses the complexity of medical and social/economic issues facing its patients and the residents in the communities served. Its range of services include: Pediatrics, Ob-Gyn, Adult Health, Dental, HIV/AIDS Outreach and Primary Care, Case Management, Behavioral Health, Nutrition and Care Coordination. Among its crowning achievements is the construction of a 36,000 sq. ft. state of the art Silver LEED certified building in West Philadelphia which serves as the headquarters and flagship for the organization. PIDC provided financing for the construction of this project.

During its 50 years as a healthcare provider, Spectrum has developed strong collaborative relationships with many major institutional health care systems throughout the city. These collaborations with its institutional partners ensure that its patients receive the coordination of care that effectively addresses their medical needs.

Phyllis B. Cater, Spectrum, Marla S. Hamilton, PIDC, and Cleosie Kirkland, Spectrum Chairman, Board of Directors

The occasion was celebrated at the Crystal Tea Room with networking, a delicious menu, and music.  It was a good time had by all who came together and celebrated each other’s achievements.  “I am especially excited to be able to lift up the work of the Community Gems that we are honoring. All of our Gems represent colleagues, friends, and supporters of Spectrum who have toiled tirelessly in their respective fields of work to make every neighborhood of Philadelphia a viable place to live and work”, said Phyllis B. Cater, Spectrum’s President and CEO. PIDC was proud to have its own Marla Hamilton included in this esteemed group. Marla’s work in the community and exceptional representation of PIDC is deserving of this recognition.

Click here to view a short video highlighting Spectrum Health’s 50th Anniversary and check out the photo gallery from the celebration.

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