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March 19, 2015

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PIDC_Logo-tagPIDC is here to help you take advantage of the possibilities and support you with the tools needed to innovate and expand.

Particularly, PIDC is proud to provide Philadelphia’s small businesses with the capital they need to invest, develop, and grow.  You might be wondering why a business would work with PIDC and not a bank. As a non-profit economic development corporation we are driven by our mission, so we invest in clients, communities and market segments that will drive growth in Philadelphia. PIDC can be a resource to help companies that are not yet in a bankable position to grow or PIDC can work side-by-side with a bank to fill a financing gap.

We can also offer broader resources besides just financing we have real estate, grants administration, technical assistance and more that can help a business.  Because of our access to certain capital resources, we can provide more flexible underwriting and loan terms for clients and projects that help energize Philadelphia’s economy.  So find out more about how PIDC can help your business today.

See and hear from our clients how PIDC helped them to invest, develop, and grow their businesses and organizations in every corner of Philadelphia.

To find out how PIDC can assist the growth of your business contact Chamor Hollinger at 215.496.8157 or

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